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A Guide for Study in India for Foreign Students

India is vast in every way. India is a subcontinent with its vast population, sprawling cities, and seemingly endless landscape. India is home to many communities, languages, religions, and many other cultures. 

You can also find some of the most stunning buildings in the world here, such as the Golden Temple and the Taj Mahal. If you are looking to enroll in study abroad programs in India; then you can visit:

The 8 Main Exams for Indian Students to Study Abroad -ExTravelMoney

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India gained independence from the UK in 1948 due to the power of Mahatma Gandhi's movement. India today is a major Asian power and is well on its way towards becoming a global power like China or Germany. India, which maintains warm relations both with the US and Russia, is seen as a bridge between west and east.

English's popularity is also due to India's colonial past. Hindi and English are officially recognized. These languages are spoken by most Indians, along with one or more of the many regional and minor languages found in India, such as Bengali, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

India is a fascinating country to study abroad. India is a country that has made significant technological advancements. India is becoming wealthier and more powerful.

India ranks high on experiencing a new culture or lifestyle. The best thing about India is its food. Curries, poppadoms, and sugar puddings are beloved by billions around the globe as the world becomes more interconnected. 

India is home to many fascinating stories. From the origin stories of Hindu gods to folktales and legends to the Hindu myths themselves, Indian stories will keep you entertained for hours.