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About us

Eden Club,
All over the world …
Whoever dies without having joined the Eden club of Bangkok will be a dead virgin! It is with humility that we honor the first images of the Eden Club. No camera has ever been allowed to penetrate the walls. You dreamed about it, Videodrome did it. Enjoy it, it’s new and authentic and it’s not tomorrow that others will come back to disturb the quiet life of this club. So, exclusivity is here, we are proud of it and pay homage!

The pork sacrifice,
Welcome to the Barbecue Hilltribe …
Hilltribe’s life is also a rural life. Here no Iso standards or sanitized slaughterhouses, when the appetite dominates and a need for fresh meat are felt, nothing like good fat pork! The latter was programmed from birth to finish barbecue kebab, the time has come, the time has come, we are hungry thank you for ringing the time of “Pork sacrifice”.

Heroin Village
Run with the Lahu Opium people
Unpublished video in a Lahu village, located between Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle. The young San finally opens the doors of his village where ex-peasants live opium. The daily activities of the village mainly concern the consumption of white heroin (from Birman), an opium mixture of all kinds. Aluminum, cigarettes, pipes, all the means are good to suck the opioid molecules. A new documentary based on a gonzo journalism approach in participatory observation mode.