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Advantages Of The Steel Fence Posts

Perhaps the biggest advantage of steel fence posts is the cost savings over wooden posts, but the price isn't the only advantage metal has over wood or vinyl. They are easy to assemble, last longer than treated wood, and are relatively easy to snap into place when bent. 

They are a universal choice for chain link fences, picket fences, or any type of fence that needs to be strong and durable. However, be sure to choose quality steel fence posts as steel is prone to rust unless it is galvanized.

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Steel fence posts are usually used for chain link fences, but can also be used for wooden fences. Posts can be dipped in concrete just like wooden posts, but this is not necessary for many types of fences. Metal stands can be sunk directly into the ground as long as they are sunk deep enough. 

However, concrete only adds support and strength, and for a safety fence, concrete can be the best choice. Steel fence posts are strong enough to support most fencing materials, especially for residential use, and while some might argue that steel fence posts are not as attractive as wood, they can easily be hidden away to maintain a pleasing fence aesthetic.

Galvanized steel fence posts must be used on every fence. Galvanizing the posts means coating the posts with a different chemical or material to prevent rust. This ensures that the posts will last a long time and will not start to rust when exposed to the elements. 

Galvanized steel posts last exponentially longer than wood posts – even treated wood posts – which tend to rot, dry out, and crack after years of exposure to the elements. Steel posts should not be processed after purchase, as is often the case with wooden posts.