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Benefits of Early Treatment in Kapolei

Early dental evaluation and orthodontic treatment have many advantages:

• Dentists can develop a better idea as to what dental problems a child may suffer from in the future

• Prevent the need for young patients to undergo more invasive and painful treatments later on

• Significantly improve a child's smile and appearance

• Serves to boost the confidence and self-esteem of young children and prevent them from feeling dissatisfied with their looks

• Dentists can instruct children to discontinue any habits that may be harming their teeth like thumb-sucking or tongue pushing

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The Purpose of a Dental Evaluation

A dental evaluation is not only for kids that require early orthodontic treatment. Its purpose is to assess the general dental wellness of children and their parents.

It is important for families to create a bond with their dentist or orthodontist, so that in the future if their assistance is required parents or kids are not hesitant to pay them a visit and seek treatment.

Dental Conditions that would require Early Orthodontic Treatment

The following are all dental conditions that can be effectively treated through early orthodontic treatment

• Cross Bite

• Open Bite

• Deep Bite

• Overbite

• Overcrowding

• Misaligned teeth

• Spaces between teeth

• Missing Teeth