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Botox Jaw Reduction with Botulinum Toxin A In Singapore

The biggest beauty craze is the heart-shaped face, also known as the V-face look. This is very popular because V Face subconsciously means youthful, beautiful and feminine in the eyes of men. 

Due to its growing popularity, the need for reduction of jaw botox treatment in Singapore is also increasing. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a V-shaped jaw. 

For those who have a habit of digesting and chewing too much, the jaw muscles become strong and bulky over time. This makes the face appear rounder, while the contours of the jaw are smoothed. 

A round face with a square jaw makes a woman look more masculine and mature and therefore less attractive. Botox jaw reduction is done by injecting the right dose of botox to relax these 2 muscles on this side of the face. 

Only one to three injections are needed for each muscle and the needles used are insulin needles and are therefore very small and unlikely to cause anything other than an "ant bite" sensation. 

The effects start within 7-10 days, and then the muscles continue to contract for the next month. The maximum effect is observed 1 month after injection. Injecting botulinum toxin type A (botox) into the masticatory muscles (also called massagers) can turn a square face into a beautiful heart-shaped face.

An experienced doctor will know the right dose and injection site – you will no longer feel unable to chew or smile. Your face won't feel stiff in experienced hands.