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Your Best Choice In Winter Pool Covers

Once you make the decision to buy a winter pool cover, you have a number of choices. Obviously the first choice will be depending on whether you have an in ground pool or an above ground pool. 

After that, you must decide which is best for your situation: a mesh pool cover, a solid pool cover or safety cover. safety covers are also available in mesh or solid, and a third option which is a solid recovery with mesh drainage panels. You can buy covers for various types of indoor outdoor pool via

Let's explore some of the reasons why safety covers are an economical choice for your pool.

They are more attractive

If you've ever seen a pool with a regular pool cover, you'll know they are not pleasing. You poaching lid drooping limply down in the pool, indivisibility bags of water or other devices used to the weight on the lid and worst of all, if the pool is not a standard size or shape, you have all this extra blanket lying on the pool deck or yard. That it is unsightly is generous.

They save lives

The most compelling reason to buy a security blanket is that it protects the lives of people and animals that come into your yard. To be regarded as a safety cover, each must be able to withstand a certain amount of weight as specified by ASTM. 

Because it is stretched on top of the pool, it creates a "lock" on the pool that prevents small animals and children into the water. Even if you have a hot tub or swimming pool on several levels there are custom panels that will create a seal around your pool to prevent access.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams in Business?

Microsoft Teams has advanced features that are helping organizations follow remote working. Microsoft Teams is something that should matter to every organization out there. Microsoft Teams can help you work and collaborate easily at one single platform. You can easily understand what Microsoft Teams is all about by taking Microsoft Teams training at EPC Group is one of the leading companies providing Microsoft and IT support services.

Many companies are not yet aware about Microsoft Teams and its features that can help their remote working do better. Microsoft Teams has advanced calling capabilities that can help you easily communicate with your teammates and even hold important meetings. Below are the key features of Microsoft Teams that make its calling feature advance:

– Call History

– Hold Capabilities

– Speed Dial

– Transfer / Extension Dialing

– Caller ID / Caller ID masking

– Call Forwarding / Multi-Call Ability

– Voicemail

– Text Telephone Support (TTY)

Along with these features it also has a feature of call recording. You can now easily communicate without keeping note of your conversations or missing onto anything. Microsoft Teams is accessible in many gathering room arrangements, with the administration open through Skype Room Systems, on meeting telephones running Skype for Business, and in see structure on Surface Hub. So every business can now easily get training on mIcrosoft Teams and start using its benefits in order to benefit your business / work.

Cyber Security Tips for Small and Medium Business

Keeping your business data secure is the main concern of businesses today. Due to increased security breaches, data security against unwanted interference is on everyone's mind. It is the biggest security challenge that every IT organization is facing. When it comes to small or medium-sized companies the impact of security threats can be even worse. 

Cybercriminals used to target small businesses mostly due to the fact that SMEs are not able to implement strong security protocols. But now various IT support companies are providing proactive cybersecurity solutions for businesses that help SME’s to protect them against these risks. 

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Some tips which SME’s can follow to protect them from these risks are as follows:

1. Encrypt Your Data: Data encryption is a major protection mechanism. If you encrypt a database or file, you can decrypt it only if you have the proper keys. It takes a lot of time to guess the right keywords.

2. Select the appropriate security business: Cracking even the most secure company with a complicated scheme is now much greater than before. So adopting a managed security service provider that can provide flexible and cost-effective solutions, can definitely help to control suck kind of risks.

3. Educate employees: Educate employees on the handling and protection of sensitive data accordingly. Keeping employees informed about the threat through a short e-mail or regular meetings led by an IT expert.

4. Deploy security management strategy: There are currently highly organized cyber attacks so organizations need to build a strategic approach so that you are working as an integrated team to defense, detect, prevent and respond to attacks seamlessly and instantly.


All About IT Consulting Firm

In today's modern age, almost every aspect of our lives from our bank accounts to our personal photographs is on the Internet. Computers have been completely integrated into our daily existences with the dawn of smart phone technology, which allows the web to access from anywhere.

Customer information, book accounting, payroll, and every other aspect of business management is run through a computer and the Internet. You can easily get IT support for accounting, tax and finance firms or cybersecurity experts.

This is why technology professionals are in high demand these days. To ensure that your business runs smoothly and technological barriers do not hinder the operation of your company, hire an IT consulting firm.

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A skilled IT consulting company can provide every company with a number of valuable services including managed services, consulting sophisticated applications, and application development, and advanced reporting.

Managed services including cloud hosting and IT staffing tool, and you have the option to order one or both services. Cloud hosting entails storage options in the cloud for sensitive information and resources, the voice call option, and hosted email.

Cloud computing is a very wise move in the modern business arena. If a natural disaster occurs or if your entire system crashes, all that is in the cloud safe from damage or loss. Technical staff can also be a great resource and service for your business.

They are not going in your salary, but employees will be on site and call for any technical problems you may have with your computer or telephone network. Sophisticated application consulting is a service IT consulting firm you will excel.

How to Dual Boot Windows With Win32 Disk Imager

As we all know, Windows is one of the most popular operating system in the world. But Linux is famous among some of the power users and it is considered to be much more secure than Windows. Their only downside is having an inferior ecosystem. But why decide between one and the other if we can also use both in the same computer by dual booting? In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to do that. To do this, you must have Windows installed on your system. Also, make sure to prepare a USB flash drive for the installation of Ubuntu. Also, you need a software like Win32 Disk Imager to make the USB flash drive bootable. You can download it directly from their official website.

After that, you have to enter the Ubuntu website or any other distribution, choose the version and download the .ISO file. For this tutorial, I have chosen the LTS version again for stability and longer support. All you have to do is choose between the 32 or 64-bit version of Ubuntu and hit the Download button to download the .ISO file.

Once the download is completed, start Win32 Disk Imager to prepare the installation media. I've chosen Win32 Disk Imager because it is the one that has always worked for me and for not having to install anything. As an alternative, you can use a program like Rufus. Win32 Disk Imager is super easy to use. The only thing you will have to do is select the USB in the device option, and locate the .ISO file that you've downloaded. Once this is done you will only have to click on the "Start" button and wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

After the process is completed, you can keep the USB flash drive as it is on the computer and restart the PC to get into the BIOS. Simply, navigate to the boot settings area and change your boot order as needed. Once everything is done, restart your computer and you will be presented with the Ubuntu setup window. You follow the instructions there and before installing make sure that you select another partition to install Ubuntu. If you select the existing partition, it will wipe all of your valuable data. 

Sometimes, Ubuntu installation process does not recognize Windows partitions. Luckily it is something that can be solved with just a couple of terminal commands. The first thing you will have to do to fix it is to restart the computer and boot it using the USB flash drive and make sure that you select the option "Try Ubuntu". This will launch the distro with all its functions and this will fix the error. Once the installation is successfully completed, whenever you start the computer again from now on, a box should appear in which you can choose between Ubuntu and Windows. That is how you can dual boot Windows with Ubuntu and we hope that this guide helped you.

How To Setup Netgear WiFi Extender

Wifi extender is a very useful electronic device that works with old systems and brings better coverage and strength the WiFi signals. If you recently bought a wifi extender and seeking for some tips on how to set up Netgear wifi extender then, this post is only for you. Here, in this post we will discuss step to step instructions for setting up Netgear WiFi Extender.

  • Place your Netgear wifi extender in the same room of the existing WiFi router.
  • Make sure your router is up to date.
  • Connect the Netgeat Extender to a wall socket and wait until the power LED become stable.
  • Once you are connected open any browser like chrome, firebox, opera mini etc.
  •  Type in search bar and then press next, this will take you the set up page
  • Click on new Extender setup page and fill all the details like user id, password and security question.
  • Once you provide all details click on WiFi Range Extender. It will show you the list of all available networks which you want to pair up so that WiFi Range can be extended.
  • Select the router whose wifi signals you want to extend.
  • Provide the login details and click on next, it will start pairing process.
  • On the next page it will ask for a preferred network configuration.
  • Select the setting as per your requirements and click on Finish.

Now, Netgear Wifi Extender setup is complete and you can enjoy high speed wifi network without any interruption. There are some problems which crop up while configuring Netgear Wifi Extender. Below are some simple steps that you should follow to fix these problems:

  • If extender is not connecting to your existing wifi router then it is recommended to place the extender near to the router and try to reconnect it again. Once the setup is done you can place your Netgear extender anywhere you want.
  • If extender is not connected even placed near to the wifi router then the extender has been connected to some other available network. So, switch off other network device and try to connect it again.
  • If is not opening the setup page, then type manually to the search bar and press enter.

If you still getting any issue while configuring the Netgear wifi extender with your existing WiFi router then feel free to connect with My WiFi Ext Fix experts and get the required help.

Solar Cover Swimming Pool Benefits

Not many people understand the importance of the fact that a solar pool cover can keep your family safe. If you have an in ground pool, then you are required by law to have a fence put up around it.

The benefits a solar pool cover provides its customers are incredibly beneficial. You are able to continue to keep your family safer, expand your swimming period every year, and make less work on your own while saving more money. 

By installing a swimming pool cover that's powerful enough to maintain an adult, you do not need to be concerned about creatures or people drowning in the vulnerable water. You can hire experts for the proper installation of your pool covers from the companies like

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The solar pool cover leaves your pool warm enough for swimming each day, every day throughout the summer. There are lots of places where it's simply warm enough to swim to get only couple of months from this year. 

In such areas, a swimming pool cover may be utilized to catch heat from the warmest aspect of their day and permit for swimming a couple of months more from this year. By utilizing a solar pool cover you do not just make less work on your own but you save additional money too.

These covers frequently remove the need for lots of cleansing compounds which are mandatory if algae and debris were permitted to accumulate on your pool.

These covers also reduce on the total amount of electricity you have to use to listen to your swimming pool, or the quantity of money which would spend while filling your swimming pool with more water once it's been lost via evaporation.