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Converting Your Toilet To A Dual Flush System

Did you know every time you flush your toilet, you also waste a ton of water?  However, there are ways in which you can preserve water, go easy on the environment, and reduce your energy bills, without having to replace your toilet.

One of the best ways to accomplish such a goal is by using a toilet dual valve, which minimizes water wastage by giving you some control with regard to the flushing mechanism. You can find a Stafford Plumbing company to do it for cheap, but honestly you can do it yourself. 

Contrary to what you may think, installing a dual flush valve does not require plenty of money. You can do the installation in less than three hours, with products valued at less than $50. All you need are some basic plumber skills and literacy skills as well as the ability to follow clear instructions. How cool is that?

So, what are you supposed to do?

How to should you convert your toilet?

You will need to buy a new valve. You will also need the basic plumbing tools.

There is a shut-off valve behind your toilet, which is the first thing that you should close. Once you close that valve, then you can proceed to open the toilet tank cover.

You then need to locate the vertical tube within the tank. Once you do that, you can slide the flush valve over it. You will find a flush lever within the tank, which you will need to remove. After that, you also need to disassemble the button actuator, which needs fastening onto the toilet tank.

You should then find the behind part of the actuator and connect the new dual flush mechanism you just bought on that side. In order to secure that flush valve to the overflow tube, use a cable tie and fasten it tightly.

Do you remember that shut-off valve that you closed in the beginning? Well, you need to reopen it so that the toilet can be able to be filled with water. When it is full, you need to flush the toilet, then take time to observe where the new water level reaches.

You need to close the shut-off valve behind your toilet again, after which you should flush again.

On the under-side of your toilet, there is a nut. You will find it if you feel the surface under the tank. You need to loosen that nut. You should then ensure that you remove the old fill valve, which was being secured by the nut.

You should then install the fill valve that you also purchased.

That shut-off valve that you closed for the second time, do you remember it? Well, you need to open it again. After it is opened properly, wait for a few minutes until your toilet tank fills with water, again. You should then flush it and check the levels of water.

If you feel that the levels of water in your toilet tank after flushing are not as they should be, feel free to adjust the fill valve. What you are looking for here is the optimum performance. If you do not feel that the performance is right, just be patient. You will be very glad that you took your time doing all that tweaking when you see your next water bill. For significant and long-term water savings three hours of your time is very good investment.