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Cost Effective E-learning Solutions

Over time, e-learning professionals and clients realized the importance of cost-effective solutions. 

Experts say that creating an online course is about closing the gap. For example, this gap refers to the difference between your learner's existing knowledge and skill and what they want to learn to improve their performance and which makes it effective, thoughtful & enjoyable eLearning.

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The following are the most cost-effective ways to show cost-effectiveness in e-learning:

What are your learning objectives? Once you are sure of your learning objectives, it's easy to write corresponding content for it. You must also know the objectives of your content and its outcome. Next, you should be able to communicate with your learners directly.

By using various kinds of interactivity in e-learning content, learners remain involved, interested and continue with the course since this takes the monotony out of the single-way communication. It also makes active experimentation possible.

According to cognitive theories, any new learning is possible if it has a reference point, called schema. This makes the retention of new information easier. Using real life scenarios and examples helps learners relate new information with familiar situations or facts and so improves the quality of transfer of knowledge and its retention.

Self-paced learning: Thanks to technology, e-learning is easy with the help of webinars, facilitators, voice chats, chats, video conferencing, asynchronous and online tutoring, etc. These techniques form important links between ILT and e-learning and add to their advantages.