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Explore Causes And Consequences Of Overpopulation

In the middle of the 18 th century, less than 800 million people lived on the Earth. We are now more than 7.7 Billion today, less than 250 years after the first. This number will grow by 2050, by at least 2 billion.

It took hundreds upon hundreds of years for one billion people to reach, but it only took two centuries. Many authors talk about the causes of overpopulation. If you want to read them, navigate to


A number of factors contributed to the incredible growth.

  • Falling death rate

Falling death rate, mainly because of medicine: The Industrial Revolution brought with him a revolution within the medical world. From then on, scientific progress enabled us to conquer diseases that had previously been fatal. The discovery of penicillin and vaccines saved many lives. They also played a major role in population growth. The population grew as the number of deaths per year fell and the birth rate remained steady.

  • Advancement in food production:

Scientific research and technological advances led to more efficient agricultural production ….. aspects Malthus did not consider in his dire prediction of the end of humanity. The availability of food for the people was also improved by improvements in fishing and livestock techniques.

  • Urban concentration and migration¬†:

In certain countries, the effects of migration and the accumulation of population in cities were very significant. This was not only in terms of demographic growth but also in terms of wealth generation. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities with over 300,000. These numbers are expected to continue growing until they reach 70%.

These are some of the causes of overpopulation in globe.