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Flatbed Trucks In North Carolina Are Outstanding Work Trucks

If you ever owned a landscaping business or a fencing company, you know how valuable a flatbed truck can be. These trucks can have anywhere from a 12 to 20-foot bed in the back and are used for hauling wood, plants, and anything else you need to get the job done. You can also look for the flatbed trucking & transportation carriers via

Many people put rails on the sides and the back of the bed so they increase the hauling capacity as well as make it safer for transportation. Be careful not to stack too much up though as you don't want to get a fine from the police, or even worse have something fall off and strike another moving vehicle.

The gas mileage on these trucks can be a little rough. Expect to get anywhere from 6 to 15 miles a gallon for a flatbed as they don't get the best mileage numbers especially when they are weighted down with a heavy load. Many of these trucks are now diesel and that may help you save a few dollars compared to regular unleaded gasoline.

The hauling capacity of a flatbed truck is vastly superior to a typical pickup truck. You can fit so much more on the back bed and this makes you way more efficient. No longer do you need to make 2-3 trips to haul the same amount of material from point A to point B, you can do it all at once with a flatbed truck.