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Follow these Important Rules While Living in a Hostel


Rules are something that are meant to be followed and not to be broken. Today, modern hostels offer great experience to many travelers coming from all over the world. However, as a traveler it is important to follow a few basic rules of the hostel. If this is your first time and decided to stay in a hostel during your travel, then follow these rules.

  1. Maintain Silence Especially at Night –You are allowed to talk and hang around with other travelers during the day. However, once the sun sets down and the lights are off, it is imperative that you maintain silence. There are travelers who may wish to sleep early.
  2. Lights Off – As mentioned earlier, once the sun sets down, lights are off especially after 10PM. If you see your roommate sleeping with lights off, try not to switch it on even if you need to look for your items. If you require the assistance of a light, then use the flashlight of your phone.
  3. Toilet and Kitchen Clean – It isn’t uncommon to find the kitchen and toilet of a hostel on the dirty side. Just ensure you keep it clean by flushing every time you use and wipe the dirt from the door handles and mirrors by using clean wipes and toilet sprays. Moreover, keep the kitchen clean by washing the utensil after your use with a soap detergent.

These are some of the rules you should always follow while living in some of the best Thailand hostels. If you do this, then other travelers will do the same.