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Graffiti Removal Through Pressure Washing Technique

Graffiti removal can be time consuming and laborious. Effective practices are pressure washing techniques such as sandblasting and water jets with or without chemicals.

Steam cleaning can also be used to remove other ingredients such as oil, rubber, bird droppings, oil stains, etc. It can also be used by sound graffiti removal company in the UK to clean the environment easily on many surfaces and not only remove streaks.

Graffiti Removal Through Pressure Washing Technique

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For example, it can be effective for metal surfaces where other methods of removing paint, such as B. Using a low-pressure syringe can help.

With wood, pressure and water can damage the material or push the paint deeper into the wood. Even low-pressure spraying can cause such problems. So test first.

Using a wide spray pattern also avoids etching paint on the surface or area to be cleaned. Particular care should be taken when cleaning old masonry walls as they are more prone to collapse.

When cleaning the test area, make small to moderate adjustments to determining the correct pressure and speed for the specific surface being processed.

For masonry surfaces, the best setting is to use a low-pressure washer at the 80 PSI setting. Other fine-tuning techniques include not setting the spray nozzle to a tight setting as this can scratch graffiti on the surface.