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How Does Financial Aid for College Work?

This is a question that many high school students always have in mind. According to statistics, about two-thirds of students were able to find financial assistance to continue their education.

Unfortunately, finding financial aid in San Diego is a complicated process. If you are looking into options to get funds for yourself or your child, you can get information about beneficial financial aid for college in San Diego through

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Applying for financial aid can be competitive, and so you must be very smart with how you should go about your application. Before you send your application, you must have it clear in your head of how much you need and how much you can get.

Financial assistance is in most cases not only covering the tuition fees. You also need to consider the cost of books and school supplies, not to mention the cost of living in a dormitory or an apartment around the campus. In this way, you will be able to estimate how much tuition you can shoot for.

Are you applying for financial aid from the federal government, state governments, private organizations or even a college or university that you or your child will enroll, they all calculate how much your family will be able to contribute to your child’s educational costs? This is called the expected family contribution, or EFC.

The federal government is mainly believed that 35% of the money should go towards the child in their school while the contribution of parents determined only by 5%.

Lastly, you need to stick to deadlines. Always remember that scholarships and grants awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so it always pays to submit your application ahead of time. This just increases your success to get the financial help you want. Deadlines are always concerned about.