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How To Plan Trade Show Booths – A Timeline For Success

Once you have selected your schedule trade show and reserved your stand space, the real work begins. Whether it is your first time shopping for trade show booths or planning a display that is bigger and better than anything you've touched before, designing a stand to meet a deadline takes careful planning. You can also visit some trade shows such as Wholsale Trade Shows of Christmas Crackers by Robin Reed International and many more to get more information about trade shows.

For starters, start thinking about how you use your booth at each show. Living cell customizable exhibitions professional can incorporate many features, including the second floor, conference rooms, theater, plasma displays, demonstration stations, shelving product and storage – and each type of stand requires a unique calendar. But how do you know when to start the process?

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To help you stay organized and effective at your next event, we created a schedule that takes the task of exhibit design custom portable trade show. With this helpful guide, you will know when each stage of your production process needs to be completed, help you make sure your booth salon meets smooth-and also avoid rush fees and errors.

Work backward from the date of your show when you follow this timeline and whatever you do, do not wait until the last minute to plan your screen. Three months before the show if you are planning a display of the island, now is the time to start the design process, which usually takes four weeks to refine.

You do not need much time to design 10×20 and small stands trade shows. Two weeks is usually enough time to incorporate an initial consultation, design first, and any revisions. If you plan to use a standard kit, design time is required and you can skip this step.