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How to Replace Older Sliding Door Rollers

A sliding door is supposed to glide along the tracks, not jump, jerk and get stuck as you attempt to open or close it. A sliding door is commonly installed on the exterior of your home, exposing it to the outside elements.

Over time, the rollers can wear out because of the amount of dirt and debris often found in the tracks, and because you constantly open and close the door. In this case, you might require a complete sliding door roller replacement.  Replace the old sliding door rollers so that your door slides along the tracks once again.

Look for the two screws on the bottom ends of the sliding door. One screw sits above the other. The lower screw is the adjustment screw. Turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise on each end of the sliding glass door to raise the rollers and lower the door.

Grasp both sides of the sliding door and lift the door up into the top track. Tilt the bottom of the door toward you. Slowly pull the door away from the track. Sliding glass doors are heavy, so you may need help to remove the door from the track.

Place the door on a stable work surface or the floor. Remove the screws above the adjustment screws on each end of the sliding door. These screws hold the rollers and the door frame to the bottom of the door.

Place a wooden block against the bottom frame on the sliding door. Tap the block with a rubber mallet to release the frame.

Pry the original door rollers from the bottom of the door with a flat-head screwdriver. Take your door roller to a hardware store or home improvement center to find a replacement, as door rollers are not universal products. Make sure that you leave someone at your home when you leave for the store.