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Peace In Divided Societies And Democratic Alliance Foundation In South Africa

The Alliance for Peace and Democratic Development has been working to build peace in divided societies with a focus on strengthening democratic systems. In this blog post, read about democratic party goals, why they use data science, what they do at the foundation level and the methodology of their programs.

For many people, the idea of peace is something that can be seen on a map and touched with their fingers. However, according to the article, not everyone has access to this peace. In fact, some people live in places where they don't feel safe from violence and cannot find those places of peace.

For example, in African countries like South Africa, there are divided societies between white and black communities – but it doesn't mean that these societies are not peaceful. In some ways, they are

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Frequently, democracy falls short in divided societies. This is often the case when political parties are unable to unify people and come to an agreement on how to make peace in those areas. In these cases, there are few options for the people in these societies, who are left dependent on their own resources to mobilize and organize themselves for peace.