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Photography For Real Estate In Orange Country California

Hiring a photographer is a difficult task. The photos they take can determine the number and quality of homebuyers who will research your property. You can also avail the benefits of real estate photographer at Andy Giraud Photo from online sources.

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To distinguish a professional from a photography amateur, you should be familiar with the following terms and techniques:

Wide-Angle Lenses – Using a wide-angle lens is key in real estate photography because it captures more of the scene than usual. The wide-angle lens allows real estate photographers to stay closer to home without including unwanted foreground objects such as poles or bushes. Make sure your photographer uses this lens.

Height – Make sure your real estate photographer increases the height of the camera as these photos will always look better than photos taken from the ground. Place it on top of a vehicle, ladder, or any other device that's sure to add height to your photo.

Minimize – Take your future photographer for a walk around your property to find out how to minimize alleyways, streets, and large garages that all stray from the main selling point – the house.

Sunshine – Ask the photographer to take pictures several times a day. You'll want to capture the morning, afternoon, and evening sunlight to see which one suits your home best.

Three-quarter Photos – When looking at a photographer's portfolio, make sure you're looking at lots of three-quarters photos of houses. Photos taken slightly tilted toward the front of the house are usually much stronger than photos taken directly.