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Reasons To Use A Public Adjuster

A reputable public adjuster will visit your home to evaluate your policy and determine your coverages. They will inform you about the type of policy that you have and what your coverages are. Let's say that you call your Insurance company to report the damage and they say it isn't covered. 

A public adjuster is important because the Insurance company sends a highly-trained adjuster to analyze your claim. Naperville public adjuster is an expert who will negotiate for you (the homeowner). 

Hiring a Reputed Public Adjuster for Your Insurance Claim

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You can simply call them and get a claim number. This means that you have a claims history, even though it was not covered. Your claims history will not be affected by calling for an independent appraiser who will look at the claim and inform you that it is not covered. The appraiser will advise you on when to stop filing a claim. This protects homeowners from being denied unnecessary claims.

A Public Adjuster will handle all correspondence with the Insurance company. They will handle all paperwork, phone calls, and letters back-and-forth. They will meet with the Insurance company and prepare the estimates. 

This allows homeowners to go about their lives without worrying about handling a claim. On all appointments, the public adjuster will meet with contractors. They will also bring in industry experts and engineers as necessary.