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Retractable Awning And Its Uses

The roof or tent-like structure that provides shelter and protects the people from sun and rain is known as an awning. The materials which are commonly used in manufacturing the awnings are aluminum, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. 

These materials do not get damaged and long-lasting during bad weather. Window awnings (which is also known as ‘กันสาดหน้าต่าง’ in the Thai language) are also made off materials like fiber, plastic, and canvas. 

There are many types of awning available in the market and each awning have its own advantage and disadvantages. Among all types of awning “retractable awning” is most popular.

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Retractable awning

It has the capability to retract (awning that can be folded). This type of awnings is available in slope forms, which is used to protect the people in different weather conditions. Awnings are made of material, which is water-resistant. 

Features to consider while purchasing a retractable awning

  • Look out for the awnings that protect the maximum amount of UV rays.
  • See that the awnings should be made up of good fabrics and also consider the coating on the fabric.

Uses of retractable awning

  • It provides protection and shade from the weather elements and this shade will provide comfort.
  • It protects the outside area from wind and rain.
  • It gives lots and lots of privacy.
  • By changing the slopes, it will be useful in different weather conditions.

This basic information about retractable awning hopefully will help you while purchasing an awning for your home.