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The death instinct
Jacques Mesrine

To be sure that everything has already been said, written, thought and recanted on the public enemy number one. Yet we continue to hear more bullshit on Mesrine … media, cinema, radio … Bullshit, calmonies … Was there summons on November 2, 1979? Reopening of the file, debates, polemics. At the time of this neo-mode Mesrine (conducted by Cassel and companions), it seems necessary to plunge back to the sources of one of the most beautiful love stories of crime: that of a strange man called Mr Toul.

Here comes the Fiancé
Gabriel Matzneff

“Christianity is a folly, a passion, a mystery, whatever you want, except a morality,” he shouted furiously, “Christ is the prince of the immoralists, and that’s why they crucified him! When, under the reign of M.Brejnev, we fought for spiritual freedom, we defended our Soviet friends who were embassied, it was not for the morality of petty-bourgeois-Marxist-Leninist to be substituted for another morality, no less petty bourgeois, stifling and silly.

Depeche Mode

That’s good ! No interest to chronicle DM since it’s already done everywhere … But since everyone hates Martyr, and we love it, we will allow ourselves to open our mouth to promote the best DM title for 20 years …

Current 93
Black ships ate the sky

A must-see disc, which has been waiting for seven years, “Black ships ate the sky” is beyond what could be expected from David Tibet. Ultimate record of Current 93, absolute realization, dark folk, string picking

Sisters of Mercy
Live Zenith

Expected forever on the French soil by his old fans rinsed and tired, Andrew Eldritch imperial more than ever waited for a long time his meeting with the people of France. Eldritch hates France, he hates French especially French, vicious and liars … Would this Alice or Marian? One of the kind, as usual, the vice is first female according to the sieur … That being said, we were a few millers crammed into the pit, taken with an impatience of all the devils .. You ‘m me amazed since time .. The Sisters of Mercy so … 38 euros. Lets go see. We can never be disappointed.