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Know All About Berg Kart Pedals

This may seem like a trivial statement, but when we say that every detail of karting contributes to better driving and better times touring the circuit, you definitely have to believe us.

This time we cover a topic that many people often don't realize: pedal kart operation. In particular, we will discuss the berg go kart pedal. You can easily buy berg rally pedal kart online via

First, how does the gas pedal work? The go-kart pedal is connected to a cable that allows the throttle to open and close, or in other words, accelerate and decelerate.

However, this valve often does not close properly and it can be dangerous if the go-kart continues to accelerate once you take your foot off the pedal.

There is always some friction between the wires and the sheath on the metal plate of the carburetor, but it is important to try to minimize it. The easiest solution is to lubricate the housing with oil and lubricate the pedal cables well. Since the price of the cable is quite affordable, we recommend that you buy a spare cable so that it can be replaced after it wears out.

The cable costs 2 euros on average and can also be found in bicycle shops. In this case, however, buy a gear shift cable instead of a brake cable, as the brake cables are much rougher and do not reduce friction.

Speaking of pedal karts, if you're very tall and the driver's seat isn't comfortable, try moving the pedals a little bit forward to get a little more legroom, but make sure you don't move the seat, which will result in a loss for the kart to balance the car.