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Using a Commercial Electrician for a Residential Rewire

A safe environment is very important for you and your family. Rewiring your house would be a major advance in both functionality and safety. You may read this article how to use a commercial electrician for residential projects.

Nowadays, there are several common power problems facing homeowners regularly. If your home is older, there may be several signs that he needs rewiring. They include:

  • The tripped circuit breaker is often blown
  • An electrical panel over-amped or over-fused
  • Dimming or flickering lights, which indicate the circuit is overloaded or has a loose connection
  • Hot or discolored PowerPoint, cables, or plugs
  • Lights were often burnt in the socket, signaling equipment can not handle watt bulb
  • Buzzing or hissing sound
  • The smell of burning

The electric shock when you plugin or touching the rope. Maybe there are other signs that your house needs to be rewired. 

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  • The switch is not working – An outlet or switch that is not functioning properly may indicate that the cable may be loose or the device may be internal cracks.
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers / Blown Fuses – Circuit breakers and fuses are safety devices that help to prevent overloading of the electrical system of your home (and help prevent fires). They stop the flow of electricity if it exceeds a safe level of each part of your system. If you experience frequently blown fuses or tripped circuits, call an electrician immediately.
  • Switch / Outlet Warm to Touch – A warm switch or outlet may indicate a broken plate or wire lose.
  • Switch / Outlet change color – the color change may indicate a dangerous heat buildup in the joint.
  • Switch / Outlet Make Sound – buzzing or hissing noise coming from the switch or outlet could indicate unsafe wiring conditions, such as loose electrical connections.
  • Flickering Lights – If you have a light flashing, first check the bulb to ensure that it is the right wattage. The fixture itself may be damaged. But if the problem includes more than one lamp, you may have loose or broken wires.
  • Combustion Odor / Sparks – If there is a burning smell coming from the outlet or switch, cut off electricity to the electrical panel. The problem could be a faulty device, but may also be wired or overload problems. Occasional splashes are common when a device is attached. But sparks are not regular or recurring may suggest a problem with the outlet or circuit.