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Do You Struggle With Weight Variation On Your Encapsulation Machine?

Encapsulation fillers, perhaps the most widely used filling machines, use a five-step compression process to achieve the final target weight. The essential components of the machine to be monitored are the compacting pin, compacting spring, measuring disc and sealing plate.

The purpose of compression springs is to act as an aid during the molding process – they absorb the pressure from the compression pin while the lowering head and tamper are located. You can also look for new & used capsule filling machines online at

The amount of pressure required to support proper powder coil formation depends on the compressibility of the filler. It is recommended to check the spring condition regularly, as a worn or damaged spring will change the weight of the product. If the nib is 2mm shorter than the new nib, it is usually time to replace it.

Have you ever put your hand into the glove too quickly and found that your fingers didn't fit into the glove's holes? A darning pin and a measuring disc work the same as a gloved hand, but with faster and less forgiveness.

Incorrect alignment between the manipulation pin and the measuring disc causes metal-to-metal contact and damage to both parts. When these components are new, they are mirror-polished and perfectly aligned from the front edge.

The mirror coating prevents dust from sticking to the machine parts, and the square edges of the pen and washer ensure even pressure without leaving dust when the pen enters the holes in the washing machine.