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How To Find Your Best Songs Online

Choosing the best song for you and then creating your own song takes some thought. You can also find the best song via Always go for two things mentioned below:

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1. – if it is a quality song

2. – how to make the song work for you!

OK, you've chosen the song you want to sing. Let's start with some careful thought:


If you don't have notes, print out the text from the internet and read it first.

1. Listen to the flow of the text as you read. Do you like the lyrics? Are they telling a story you can relate to?

2. Read the lyrics again, this time looking for the highest point in the song? Is there a natural climax to the words?

The main climax can be in the choir or only at the end of the song. But there may be a different highlight in the song. Try to find it in the text.


Now you know the melody of your song. You may choose this tune based on how much you enjoy the melody. But here is a different important aspect of the melody – rainbow.

To find a song rainbow, follow its movements over time in terms of highs and lows – highs (highs) and lower points of tension. For example, many songs have a peek at the end of the song. But there are normally other less intense peaks along the way.

Some songs peak in the middle of the song and then cool off gradually. However, other people can have some real highlights. Your job is to outline your song arc and decide how to handle each climax. It means how you build (vocals) to these points in the song and keep the song's inertia steady throughout the song.