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Proper Full Body Exfoliation To Remove Dead Skin Cells

Women generally spend billions of dollars a year on the latest and greatest natural skin creams and anti-aging skin care products. But what if you could make these products work even better for your skin?

The trick is to exfoliate properly. Most of the dead cells just fall off unnoticed, but if you notice that your skin is dull, dry, or calloused, it's the dead cells that stick together. 

With proper full body exfoliation, you can not only make your products work better, but it will also improve the appearance of your skin.

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From head to toe, this is how to get started. First, find a good quality body scrub. You can find them in many stores and even in the places where you order your skin care products online. 

You want to find a separate scrub for your face; A facial and body scrub can be used all over the body, but the body scrubs themselves should not be used on your face. 

The skin on your body is thicker than that of your face, and the exfoliating granules or beads of the products can also be harsh on your facial skin. You will want to exfoliate no more than once or twice a week to allow the cells time to regenerate.

You will start with your feet facing up, being careful not to slip on the tile or tub if you exfoliate your feet. Dampen the skin with lukewarm water to avoid irritation. 

Apply a small amount of body scrub to your hands, a small towel, or a shower brush. Buff the body by rubbing in a circular pattern, up the legs and up the torso and arms. 

Be careful not to forget your knees, back, elbows, and other places where dry skin remedies are needed.