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Introduction To Working Capital Finance

Working capital options during the recent commercial lending crisis have become an important subject for small business owners. Such options include cash advances from retailers and working capital loans, as well as evaluating how the cost of issuing credit cards can be cut.

We have a set of six-word definitions on working capital management to keep those explanations succinct. Further examples of small business financing can be found in separate reports which include "seven terms to describe commercial mortgage loans."

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The first example of six terms to characterize working capital is "Avoid a long and winding path." This refers to the value of assessing whether the commercial lender in question currently has the business funding available.

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This has become an unfortunate fact for commercial finance applications to take a few months to find out just that funding is diminishing in the new environment of business lending. Since these needless delays have become so popular, business owners will be able to look out for similar signals.

As a second point, for almost any working capital funding scenario, "banks aren't an efficient solution." Most banks in every area of the world regularly decrease or remove credit lines of business.

Although commercial loan activity for banks continues to decline steadily, most bankers have kept on stating that they have regular corporate finance rates.

If a small business wants a conventional working capital loan or a merchant cash advance based on credit card processing activity, it is highly unlikely that the commercial lender able to provide the financing would be a bank.