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What Is Involved In Lung Cancer Surgery?

When suffering from lung cancer, it's relaxing to know that you have many treatment options, but also can be struck. The best way to evaluate any treatment options and understand what would be involved in any surgery or treatment options. 

When suffering from lung cancer Your main options to choose from are wedge resection surgery, surgery lobectomy, pneumonectomy surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. You can get more information about genetic testing for lung cancer at Positive Bioscience.

There are three options for the operation, wedge resection, lobectomy, and pneumonectomy. A wedge resection is the most common, and it is the removal of a small portion of the lung (cancer section) along with the surrounding tissue.  Risks of surgery involving general anesthesia risk, general risk surgery, and you may have some trouble breathing after surgery.

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A lobectomy is the removal of a lung lobe and is generally performed to remove the tumor and any cancerous tissue has spread to. The size of the incision and tissue taken will depend on the extent of your condition. 

During the operation, the surgeon will stop the blood and the air supply to these lobes. The surgeon will remove the lobes, and they will most likely remove the lymph nodes surrounding the tumor to see how far cancer has spread; Ensures that the cancerous tumor and all will be removed.