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Personal Injury Attorneys and Car Accident Lawyers – What People Should Know About These Professions

With more statistics showing how vehicle collisions are on the rise, it is time to know the personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers. Both professionals can help you in case you are a victim of such a situation.

What is a private accident lawyer?

A private lawyer is a person who specializes in this area of the law. The lawyer will represent you in negotiations with the other party or stand as your representative of the court if you decide to go to trial.

Bodily injury covers the emotional anguish, physical or psychological felt by a person due to the actions of another party. Examples of these include experiencing a dog bite because of an irresponsible dog owner or being involved in a car accident that resulted from a drunken driver.

 Cases also cover a defective service or faulty goods produced by a company. It also includes possible incidents of slip and fall caused by the negligence or willful ignorance squarely law.

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What is a car accident lawyer?

This particular law practitioner is one that focuses on car accidents. He or she may be the person chosen to discuss settlement offers. The individual may also consider insurance payments offered by the offending party.

If the situation goes to trial, that person will represent your case in court. He or she will be responsible for the presentation of facts obtained from police reports and defend it before a judge and jury.

Are there similarities between the two or are they completely different from each other?

In some cases, personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers are considered a profession. This happens because many personal injury lawyers specialize in car accidents and many car accident lawyers work for law firms that focus on personal injury claims.