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What Happens During A Carpet Steam Cleaning Service?

Carpet stains are inevitable. Any homeowner will know that carpet steam cleaning is necessary. Pet owners know that pets can be overly eager and drag dirt and mud into their homes.

Most stains can be cleaned with club soda and a towel. However, more serious cases may require professional assistance. You can also hire the best carpet steam cleaning services in Perth through the web.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

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Preconditioning a carpet is the first thing any carpet steam cleaning company will do. An alkaline solution is used if the carpets are synthetic. 

The carpet steam cleaning service will then leave the rug alone to allow the acidic substances to rest. The preconditioning agents will be extracted using an automated wand.


The carpet is then cleaned with detergent and left to dry. The process can take up to 24 hours. It is therefore important that residents of a home make arrangements for accommodation. 

To prevent future stains, a carpet steam cleaning company may apply a preventative solution to the carpet. Once the different solutions are dry, a water pressure extraction is performed to thoroughly clean the rug.


It may take several days to dry because the carpet has been completely saturated by the cleaning process. To speed up drying, a carpet steam cleaning company may use heaters or fans.

Every homeowner should have their carpets cleaned regularly. Carpet stains can affect the integrity and value of a house. Carpet steam cleaning can remove all stains completely and restore the carpet to its former glory.