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Impressive Smart And Modern Digital Clock For Today’s Generation

A wireless digital clock is a completely digital system that is fast and easy to set up. They use digital standards for frequency hopping technology to broadcast radio frequencies between 902 and 928 MHz. 

A wireless digital clock provides a reliable wireless synchronized clock signal at any setting on site. The smart watches have bright red, blue or green LED numbers for good visibility in large rooms or long corridors. Wireless digital watches offer years of maintenance in any environment.

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The digital wireless watch line is ideal for equipment upgrades, design modernization and new construction applications that also provide accurate information in any environment. Because the watch receives radio frequencies from the transmitter, it remains on time no matter where in your facility.

Since the central time source is recorded by GPS, NTP and/or the facility's internal network, universal systems are available almost everywhere. Easy to implement, does not require an FCC license.

Some of the features of a wireless digital watch are:

* Receives radio frequency wireless synchronization signals from its own radio antenna.

* There are usually 128 channels using 902-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology

* The watch faces are coloured to reduce glare

* Modern style gives your interior a high-tech look

* Strong ABS frame and shatter-resistant polycarbonate

* Extremely rigid body construction for durability and long life.

* Available in red, blue or green numbers

* Clock can be double-sided with a bracket to a wall or ceiling (brackets sold separately).

* Automatically adjusts for daylight saving and power cuts.

* Automatic time reset – no need for battery backup.

* Can be set to 12 or 24-hour format.