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Laser Engraved Glass – A Brief Introduction

Glass items can be found in a variety of shapes around our homes. You may have a wine bottle and glasses from your wedding, an elegant vase for flowers, or a special candy bowl. Most times, the value in these objects are not in their beauty, but in the memories we have of them. You can search more information about Laser Engraved through crystal sensations.

Laser Engraved Glass - A Brief Introduction

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Why do these items have to have plain exteriors while having beautiful memories? How can you change a plain glass object into objects of beauty? Laser engraving is one of the answers.

When engraving glass with a laser, the result is a frosted appearance. It occurs when the focused laser beam strikes the surface of the glass, causing minor fractures. The end result is the same as sandblasting or chemical etching.

Where laser engraving really shines is the accuracy and repeatability. Once the design is created on a computer, you can create a whole series of beautiful identical wine glasses for your next wedding gift.

Consider some of your favorite wine glasses; they are curved and elegant. Why use ugly, square glass when you can have something that is smooth and elegant.

When creating a design for a glass and other round items, there are a few things to consider, including surface flatness, the size of the item, and texture. If the items are curved from top to bottom, like champagne, it requires a different design of the bottle of wine that has a large, flat area which is great for laser engraving.