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Discover The Magic of 3D Subsurface Laser Engraving


Ever wondered how a photograph can be etched inside a 2D or 3D glass cube?

It all starts with a scanning device. Your photograph is enumerated and then analyzed by the scanner. The information collected is subsequently used to construct digital internal engraving inside a crystal glass with a laser beam.


A 2D or 3D subsurface laser engraved item beholding in its heart an eternal keepsake of memorable moments that can be cherished from one generation to the other! Crisp, tight, and detailed engraving  items can be used as the best gift.

You can make great personalized photo gifts and to get your art gift ideas rolling, here are some examples of occasions to memorialize 

Wedding party favors, anniversaries, graduations, family holidays, memorials, awards, Mother and Father's Day, Valentine's Day, National Dog Day, Animals, Christmas, or any other favorite commemorative event photos of yours.

Your creativity can go wild here. Think outside the box: what about your long-wanted favorite sports car? Imagine having a custom-made striking 3D laser engraving crystal representing a Ferrari.

Keep it near your computer or bedroom night table, look at it each morning when you wake up, and each night before going to sleep. See yourself driving the car. The image will slowly integrate your subconscious mind and act as a mind movie giving you much more possibilities of attracting that car to you…like magic!

Here's another crystal design tip for a 3D Laser Art:

Say you have an old country house in a remote area. You have spent many years of happiness in it and always loved the surroundings. But it gets more and more difficult to access it, especially in the wintertime. As no one is living there permanently, you decide to sell the land. Before getting into action, take a picture of the old country house and get a 3D Laser Photo Crystal made from it. You now have an eternal keepsake to cherish the very fond memories it invokes.

I could go on with other examples, but I think you now see it through.


Encourage People With Personalized Trophies And Awards

Trophies are a common sight in competitions and tournaments. They are given as gifts at the end of a separate event. Typically, you can see it being used by companies for annual great employee recognition, or by various organizations that aim to recognize people's good deeds.

Apart from these uses, they are also used for marketing functions. This merchandise can be turned into company personalized trophies and awards logo accessories and used as branding tools.

Encourage People With Personalized Trophies And Awards

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Individually printed trophies and accessories are also suitable as motivational tools for employees. They need to be recognized for their hard work at the office so that they can continue to display positive behavior.

You can create reward schemes for your employees and use them from time to time to encourage them all the time. You'll see cheap products in no time!

Outstanding Quality Tools – Made from durable materials like wood, glass, and even brass that are sure to last for years. You can guarantee long term exposure to the product.

Amazing Designs – These items come in a wide variety of designs that are sure to complement any type of theme your organization has. You can customize it as you see fit.

Find a Highly Reputable Supplier – The quality of the goods you order will depend heavily on the suppliers you do business with. Before confirming it, make sure that it can meet most of your needs.

Choose the Best Customization Options – There are many options to choose from. Choose one that makes your logo stand out and can be reviewed by people.