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Introduction to Big Data File Transfer

In the era of big data, the production and dissemination of information are growing exponentially, and the transmission of enterprise files is facing the current situation of insecurity. Data collection is not comprehensive, data storage is not standardised, data interaction is not timely, and the value of data is difficult to dig. Data problems are currently faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why many organisations are switching to In the digital world, data is growing exponentially. If enterprises hope that data can be utilised to the greatest extent, For business value, or to guide the future development direction of the company, rapid data interaction, secure storage, and comprehensive collection are essential.

Use Luminex MDI for the fastest data transfer from the cloud.  It is especially impactful for global companies with multiple locations around the world that need to ingest or receive files. A key benefit of Luminex MDI is that it can scale a single file transfer across multiple cloud instances. This allows for higher throughput and more consistency with lower cost when compared to a scale-up approach. 

As an industry leader in enterprise data storage and connectivity solutions, Luminex paved the way with leading-edge mainframe products that enable our clients to obtain world-class performance and reliability.