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Defense Base Act Lawyers

The defense base act provides workers' compensation protection to civilian workers working away from the USA on army bases, under a contract with the U.S. government for public functions, or national protection. 

If you're a civilian operating abroad and have sustained an accident while at work, you might qualify for compensation under the defense base act.  More information about defence base act lawyers is also available at overseas contractors.

defence base act lawyer

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Defense Base Act Eligibility

Federal law mandates that U.S. government builders supply workers' compensation insurance for workers that are hurt or killed overseas. By legislation, the following workers must be covered by this DBA:

-Workers working on U.S. army, air, or naval bases outside the USA, such as bases situated in U.S. lands.

-Workers working on public works jobs beyond the USA under contract to some national agency.

-Workers who work for American companies providing morale, welfare, or similar services into the armed forces beyond the United States.

Selecting a Doctor Under the Defense Base Act

Workers that have been injured while working abroad for the U.S. authorities are eligible for a range of advantages under the defense base act, irrespective of fault. 

An injured employee has the right to seek medical care from a physician of their own choice. Along with medical therapy, the injured employee is entitled to reimbursement for medical supplies and travel expenses to and from medical appointments.