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Overall Health Is A Result Of Balanced Nutrition?

Turn on the television today and you can immediately see that Americans are in a health crisis. Promote ubiquitous medicine, as well as hospitals and their services. What is the driving force behind it?

In the end, it's you, the consumer! They catch a cold or flu and see a doctor for treatment. You may have a more serious cancer diagnosis that could potentially take you to the doctor's office every week.

Cancer is a billion dollars a year in the industry! You can also hire private fitness instructor at

We've found that you, the consumer, are the movers in most markets. This is the main supply and demand mentality here.

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Doctors prescribe miracle cures and we have to start working early enough. Has anyone read or heard of this drug's side effects?

So you've been to the doctor with a cold, sore throat, and runny nose and you could go with drugs that could potentially cause liver, kidney, or heart problems? Did the user send a red flag in your head?

The wisdom here takes two weeks to get over a cold if you go to the doctor or 14 days if you let it flow on your way!

How can you change it? Well, with proper nutrition, the body can heal itself. Have you ever tried to find out what proper nutrition is?

It can be very difficult, the food pyramid is constantly changing, some researchers say eat it, others say no. That makes it really hard to understand, right? Most of us are not nutritionists.