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Strength Training For Weight Loss

Many women believe that building muscle will work against their weight loss efforts. We've all heard that adding muscle in your body makes you heavier, so we tend to fear that strength training will make gain our weight.

However, when done properly, muscle building can help in fat loss. In other words, when you get a healthy muscle, you can more easily lose body fat! You can also choose the program that suits you for weight loss.

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When you follow a weight loss diet, you want to lose fat and not muscle. The greatest way to ensure that you maintain and build your muscles is to perform 5-8 sets of repetitions of weightlifting or resistance training. Doing more repetitions can increase your body's resistance, but can cause you to lose as much muscle as fat.

Remember that muscle burns calories even when you are resting so the more muscle you build, the faster you can melt the fat off, and it will be easier to defend it!

Research has shown that diet combined with aerobic exercise and strength training results in weight loss than either only diet or diet plus aerobic.

Do not overlook protein in your weight loss diet. Protein is not only necessary for building muscle tissue, which burns calories at a higher rate than other networks, the protein also needs more calories to digest than carbohydrates or fat.