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Some Reasons To Choose A Professionally Managed Vacation Rental

After hours of research online, you will finally find your dream vacation home. You drop a photo, check the location, and breathe a sigh of relief to find that the "too good to be true" price is the price you'd expect. 

With a property that fits your needs, it may be tempting to rent a home online directly from the owner instead of booking through a professional management company. You can also navigate to to hire shosty’s airbnb property management service.

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But before you succumb to the safety of a reputable manager, consider these home improvement drawbacks.


Owner-rented vacation homes — even those listed on sites like Airbnb and other RBO-style services — often don't have employment certificates. This means that a property on offer is likely not to pass the same safety reviews that a professionally managed property must go through, including regulations for smoke detectors, hot tubs, and other aspects of the home.


If the standard among professional property managers is industrial cleaning of hotel-grade laundry towels, which reach temperatures much higher than standard home models, then independent owners may not have access to, or are likely to achieve, those standards.


If you sign up for an owner-managed vacation rental only to discover a problem with faulty plumbing or heating, it can quickly turn into a very tough vacation.