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Remain Competitive in Recruitment using iPads

Companies tend to be where the candidates are most skilled and talented. Human resource recruiters are able to identify top and root candidates using social media. There are over 535 million cumulative accounts on Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

In over 50% of Fortune 100 companies, for example, over 80% of companies use a form of social media to hire and iPads are used. You can now buy iPads for recruitment in bulk via

BYoX strategy can produce a competitive edge

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Few useful data on the impact of social media are available here. More than 96 percent of the world's population under the age of 30 has entered a social network. In one year, Facebook gained over 200 users and has over 60 million daily status updates. 

In hiring, 80% of firms have used LinkedIn and Facebook's fast-growing group is women aged 65 years. With 34 percent of online bloggers talking about goods or industry products, there are hundreds of thousands of online blogs. 78% of respondents surveyed state they value their colleagues with promotional slogans. 

Often organizations use iPads as a recruitment method to launch them. Monster.Com announced the introduction of Monster for iPad in January 2011, free software that incorporates current Monster user profiles to work with iPad using technology to better navigate the past of the application, saved resumes and cover letters. When organizations see the need, new recruitment apps expressly tailored for human resources workers are coming out on a monthly basis.