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Kitchen Renovations – Functionality More Than Beauty

Kitchen renovations can be costly or on a budget depending on the scope of work you want to be done. Whatever the reasons behind the improvement, it sure is a great idea. Planning to sell your home or just modernizing the looks as well as the appliances can bring a fresh new look and feel.

Countless ideas can come up when planning for a kitchen renovation in North Vancouver; the color scheme, functionality, and design. It is very important to consider comfort and easy movement whenever you are working in your kitchen. Also, take notice of any old appliances or fixtures which you think need replacement or some minor repair to go with your new kitchen makeover.

The Hudson Penthouse

Take a peek at some important things to consider in kitchen renovation


Check if they need to be replaced or can be repainted especially if it's made of wood. Mostly, good cleaning and repainting can do the trick.

Check if hinges and latches need to be replaced.

There are ready-made cabinet dividers or if you want to change the look and provide easier sorting, you may want to have it fixed according to your style.

You may want to change cabinet doors with glass or drawer handles to give your kitchen a mini makeover.


Can also give a dramatic change in your kitchen – you have a choice of using wood laminates, tiles or aluminum, or granite for a classy look.

Sink and Faucet

Has your sink and faucet lost their shine? Or maybe faucet handles are chipped and broken or leaking? Then it's time to include these in the budget.