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Understand What Is A Memory Care Community?

Memory care communities are equipped to handle the needs of those with memory loss – providing necessary care across the continuum of memory loss. In addition to providing basic services, medical care, medicine distribution, assistance with daily activities, memory care communities offer a wide array of services and programming specific to those living with memory loss to ensure healthy wellbeing and quality of life.

Memory care centers are staffed by trained experts who are experienced in providing a unique form of care to those who have memory loss. The best memory care facilities for seniors in the Rhode Island community can ease the transition for families who want the best for their loved ones. 

If you want to ensure your loved one is cared for in the best possible way, memory care might be the answer for your family. 

Some memory care communities, like The Care Concierge Of New England, are architecturally designed to reduce stress and increase safety for those suffering from dementia-related memory loss. 

Our community was designed with our patients in mind from the very beginning. Specifically, at The Moments, our hospital-grade HVAC systems create odor-free, clean air quality, ample natural lighting with large windows, heated flooring throughout to create comfort and help regulate core body temps, and unrestrained access to our safe outdoor areas.

Memory care centers are also designed to be as safe as possible for residents who are suffering from memory loss.