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Regrow Your Hair With Microneedling!

We all know that hair loss is widespread and affects about 50 million men in the US. Most of you associate thinning hair or baldness with older men. But did you know that hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (or AGA) is also very common in women? 30 million women in the US also have to face this disease! 

Rogaine is the only topical drug that is FDA-approved to treat male and female hair loss. It is available as a 5% solution recommended for men and a 2% solution recommended for women. About 40% of Rogaine users will experience hair regrowth after 3-6 months of use. You can speak with experts about Bioneedle, a technique that is also utilized for skin therapy.

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While it is true that only a small percentage of users will see minimal regrowth, it is also true that only a small percentage of users will see significant regrowth. 82% of the Rogaine + Microneedling group experienced an increase in hair growth of more than 50%.

Microscopic measurements of scalp hair density after the treatment period showed that the Rogaine + Microneedling group had an average of 91 hairs per square centimeter of scalp. 

If you are thinking of taking action to treat thinning hair or actual baldness, Rogaine Therapy combined with Microneedling seems like a very promising option! Contact your board-certified plastic surgeon and a board-certified esthetician to learn more.