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The Value of Motion Graphics

Motion graphic, explainer video, animated infographic–whatever the name, these short, animated videos are frequently found on landing pages and in email campaigns, ranging in quality from amateur to elegant. Quick Google searches reveal that the Internet is stocked with data supporting videos.

This increases engagement, boosts conversions, and drives social media and search traffic. With the proliferation of video in digital marketing initiatives, it’s clear marketers have taken these studies to heart. There has been much written about the need for video. Let's discover here why:

What makes viewers connect with the video? Why does motion graphics work better than other digital content?

It is surprising that video can create an emotional connection with viewers much faster than any other content format. This simplicity is not easy to achieve. Video is an important tool for brands to engage consumers, but a poorly put-together piece can do more damage than good to your brand.

Motion graphics can be used to tell a rich story through multiple communication channels, but they require a delicate balance between the interwoven parts. Music is dynamic and changes with key turning points. Art gives life to abstract language. Animation gives life to the story and propels it forward.

Sound design is important because it draws attention to important messages. The voiceover creates a human connection. To keep the audience interested, all must work in harmony throughout the entire motion graphic duration.