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Get The Best Non-laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Service In San Jose

Phi-removal is a non-laser tattoo removal technique that helps you to get rid of an unwanted tattoo from the skin. It is a natural method to remove semi-permanent makeup.

In the non-laser tattoo removal procedure, a very fine needle is used to remove the pigment from the dermis layer of the skin. It is a safe process in which no toxins or harsh chemical is used only hygiene tools used to remove the tattoo. To get the best non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal services in San Jose, you can visit Aileen Beauty Studio that specializes in non- laser tattoo removal techniques. 


There are many benefits of non-laser eyebrow tattoo removal techniques:

  • Non-laser tattoo removal method does not affect the growth of the hairs.
  • The procedure is safer and less painful than laser tattoo removal treatment.
  • It is suitable for all skin types and effective to remove all colors.
  • It doesn’t leave any scar and does not damage the layer of skin.
  • Skin heals quickly and redness and swelling automatically gone with time.
  • Fewer chances of having infection and irritation in treated areas.

Apart from the benefits, there are other things as well to keep in mind after the treatment and that are aftercare instructions. What to avoid from which lotion is important to apply in treated areas all are related to the aftercare instructions.