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How to Plan Your Tour of Grampians?

The best time to visit Grampians National Park is from June to October, as the weather is usually mild and pleasant. However, visitors can enjoy the park all year round. The best time to do a day tour is early morning or late afternoon when the park is less crowded. 

Visitors should also book in advance during peak season (January-March) and avoid weekends and public holidays when the park is busiest.

Planning a Grampians day tour with your loved ones can be a lot of fun. Here are some tips to help make the process easy and enjoyable for everyone! 

First, decide what you want to see. Grampians National Park is home to a variety of interesting sights, from crystal clear lakes to dramatic mountain peaks. If you have kids, make sure to take them on the ‘mini-golf’ course at Ringwood Falls State Park – it’s guaranteed to be a hit! 

Next, figure out how many people you’ll be touring with. A group of four is perfect for exploring the park; if you have more people, consider splitting up into two groups for better coverage. 

Finally, make a schedule. Once you have a plan of action, be sure to stick to it! The park is huge, and there’s no need to waste time wandering around. The Grampians is best enjoyed in short bursts – spend an hour or two at each attraction, and then move on to the next.