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Wildlife Removal Services For Bat Removal

The annoying bat can cause a lot of annoyance. Not only can they cause massive damage and destruction to homes and buildings, they can also pose a variety of health and safety risks to humans and animals.

There are hundreds of reasons why bat picking is limited to trained wildlife professionals. However, the first three reasons are risk, loss and law. There are several renowned companies like Control Rodent that are famous for their wildlife removal services.

 wildlife removal services

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Read on to find out more about main reasons why you can't get rid of bats yourself and where to start when you need to get rid of bats.


The main reason it is important to hire a specialist in providing extraction and wildlife conservation services has to do with the law. Most states make it illegal to own, injure, or kill a bat. In addition, the bat habitat is also protected by federal law. 

A person must have special permits and licenses from the government to work with wildlife, including capture, removal and relocation. It is important to select certified professionals who comply with all industry standards and best practices and who work within all local, state, and federal wildlife laws. 


Bats are known as carriers of various infectious diseases, viruses and parasites. All of these diseases and epidemics can be transmitted to humans and pets and can pose a variety of safety risks. Bat controllers have the proper training, equipment and resources to deal with bad bats without harming themselves, the bats or any property.