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The Advantages Of Rattan

Rattan sun loungers have been around for years and with their ever-increasing popularity, they are becoming more accessible to people of all walks of life. Rattan is the most commonly used type of timber in sun lounger construction, it is strong and lightweight but also extremely flexible. It is often used for outdoor furniture as a natural alternative to plastic or other synthetic materials which are less environmentally sound. There is always a great demand for new additions to outdoor loungers so consumers are now able to choose from a wide range of designs.

One of the advantages of rattan is that it requires very little maintenance and is extremely easy to maintain. The rattan can be vacuumed quite easily, and the stakes that hold it in place can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth. For those who wish rattan for a seating option in the garden or pool, keeping the seat coverings clean and free of dirt is essential to keep the chair looking good. A simple solution is to use a mixture of a small amount of vinegar and a soft cloth to wipe down the seats regularly to prevent them looking untidy.

When choosing your rattan sun lounger it is important to consider the type of seat coverings you will be using on it. Synthetic rattan is much more durable than the natural rattan and can be treated to last much longer than natural rattan. However synthetic rattan is still relatively light in weight, so it is not as comfortable to sit on as natural rattan. Choosing a rattan sun lounger which uses synthetic rattan can limit your options if you don't want to compromise comfort for appearance.

When choosing your rattan sun lounger, it is important to make sure that it fits securely around your body and is securely attached to the tree. Some models may need to be fixed on to the tree by screws, but many manufacturers offer models that are fixed with Velcro. It is important to choose a rattan sun lounger that is the right size to fit your body. Smaller sun loungers tend to be lighter than larger ones, but there are also some models that are smaller versions of the bigger sun loungers. To make sure you have a properly sized sun lounger, it is advisable to measure your head, waist and chest and take these measurements with you when you go to buy your new sun lounger.

It is important to ensure that the rattan is securely attached to the tree and not just stuck to it. This is usually done with screws which are very easy to use. However, make sure that you do not force the entire rattan chair into a corner as this could lead to problems with it sagging in a few years time. Before you buy your sun lounger make sure that you ask a professional or someone who knows about rattan if you are able to remove it without damage.

When it comes to maintenance and care for your rattan sun lounger it is relatively easy. They do not require any special treatment and can be left out in the garden for as long as they please. As long as they are kept away from strong sunlight they should remain in good condition. They will also need to be wiped down on a regular basis to remove any dirt, dust or debris that collects on them. To clean your rattan sun lounger simply wipe it down using a soft cloth.