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What Is the Best Length or Complexity of Online Passwords

Everyone these days needs to have a password to access all web sites, applications, online resources, and tools that surround our daily lives.

We are constantly urged to make our passwords difficult to guess or crack – use upper and lower case, numbers, and special characters to make it super safe, but this is really true?

We all know that it is not good to use dictionary words as passwords like 'monkey' or 'password' so we mix it with the numbers add up and the other characters in order to deceive the public or dictionary attacks parks as' monkeys! 2 'is much more difficult to crack – is not it? You can also use password calculator to check the complexity of your passwords.

The answer to the above question is really 'there' – sure, '! Monkey 2 'will become more difficult to guess from the' monkey 'itself, but the key to generating a password that is absolutely safe is the length, not complexity.

How does this work?

If we assume that your password is not in the dictionary, then the only way to solve it is to attacks 'brute force' where an attacker would have to guess every possible combination of letters, numbers, and special characters until they get to your password.

So, in the standard ASCII character set, there are 26 letters of the alphabet, each of which can be upper or lower case, plus one digit of ten, thirty-three special characters.

Now, we need to do some math to determine how many combinations need to be calculated to cover the passwords of any length.