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Roof Installation in Brevard County – What Are Shingle Roofs?

Perhaps one of the most common roofing projects is a shingle tile roof. Contrary to popular belief, the installation process is not that difficult as long as you take the time to make sure everything is in order when starting a project from scratch. 

Steps required to install a Shingles Roofs at Heart Roofing LLC.

Step 1: Roll the felt and nail into a horizontal strip starting at the bottom edge of the roof. Nail every few feet until each strip is tied individually. For each row, the felt should overlap the edge of the felt by about 1 inch. Continue like this on each side of the roof, ending with the ledge at the top.


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Step 2: Place your tape vertically on the edge and mark it on one foot. Do the same with the other end and use the chalk line to click the straight horizontal line between the two points. 

Step 3: As a test cut three tabs from the tile and place the remaining material on the edge of the roof and secure with nails. Repeat this process until the bottom edge is covered on each side.

Step 4: Place the entire slab on the edge so that the top is aligned with the first horizontal line you clicked earlier. Insert 4 nails into the material, each in the upper third. Each piece should hang along the edge and overlap the start bar. 

Step 5: To finish the shingle, use a razor to cut the tabs of the new shingles and place each section sideways across the ridge. They must be bent to fit. Start at one end of the roof and work your way up to it.