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Know More About Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

For years, table tennis has been a very popular sport. Although table tennis is most commonly played indoors, it is much more fun to play outdoors with the sun. What makes outdoor ping pong tables so different? It is the material used. Outdoor tables can be left outdoors for many years without rusting or deforming.

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It is important that the bounce of the outdoor table is the same as the indoor one for serious players. Tops can be made of specially-treated wood or melamine (a tough and non-warping material that is sometimes used to make placemats), such as the Cornilleau Sports Outdoor Tables. You can choose a metallic or waterproof surface or even a synthetic laminate. The effect of spin on metallic tables is lower and they are shinier than regular tables.


The outdoor TT tables have a bouncy surface that allows for faster play and speeds. This allows for faster games on outdoor tables and faster spins on indoor tables.


A 19mm top outdoor TT table is perfect for home use. The thicknesses for melamine and bonded resin tables are usually less. A 5mm melamine top is very playable. The bounce of very thin melamine tops below 4mm is not satisfactory. They also tend to lose their flatness for a long time.


Outdoor tables that are made of high-quality materials tend to be more expensive than indoor ones. To get the weatherproofing you require, you will need to purchase a table of good quality. You will pay more for higher quality, as usual.


Cornilleau's bonded resin tops come with a 10-year guarantee, while the 5-year maximum guarantee for weatherproof wooden tops is five years. Good melamine tops may last longer than wood tops. No matter what surface you choose to use for outdoor tables, no matter how long-lasting the guarantee, the life expectancy of outdoor tables can be extended by using a cover. This cover keeps out the sun, rain, wind, and other elements that can cause damage over time.