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Dairy Cow Health Issues During the Dry Period

Dairy cows are vulnerable when they are between feedings. Hence, a period of rest is necessary between them, especially as they are more prone to eating problems during this period.

The rest period is an important process in cow's lactation as it helps prevent health problems that can cause serious problems with cow's milk production and lactation in the future.

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It is important to follow proper draining procedures to prevent diseases and infections such as mastitis and intramammary infections. As a rule, it is recommended to first remove the concentrate from the cow's ration for one to two weeks and then gradually stop milking. 

Because dehydration occurs when a cow is not milked for 18 hours or more, the mammary glands stop producing milk drops. This reduces the size of the udder and initiates the cow's 60-day dry period. Remember that during this period the cows should be kept in a clean and dry pen and separated from the lactating cows.

During the dry period of dairy cows, care must be taken to be aware of diseases and infections that can develop in cows. Three important things to check are mastitis prevention, vitamin supplements, and the condition of the cow's body.

Mastitis is one of the main concerns of breeders. Mastitis is inflammation of the back or udder caused by infection. This is of particular concern because it endangers milk production and the lactation of cows.